The Future of Ireland’s mountains
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The Future of Ireland's Mountains

In March 2017, following a consultation process with members, Mountaineering Ireland agreed its vision for the future of Ireland’s mountains and upland areas:

"Ireland’s mountains will be valued and protected as environmental, cultural and recreational assets."

To achieve this, Mountaineering Ireland is working with others who share a concern for Ireland’s upland areas to highlight the many benefits these areas provide to society and to emphasise the need for integrated policy measures focused on protecting upland landscapes, maintaining communities and rewarding sustainable farming practices.

Mountaineering Ireland encourages its clubs and individual members to celebrate Ireland’s mountains and upland areas, to show that these areas are special and worthy of greater attention and investment, and that they must be conserved and looked after for the benefit of future generations.

Read the full Vision document here.  

A summary of the Vision is available here.

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