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Updated February 2021

Mountaineering Ireland's club members and individual members are insured for public liability (€13,000,000) and limited personal accident cover.

Insured by

Mountaineering Ireland’s Insurance is provided by AXA-XL through our brokers, Arachas.

Activities Covered

Cover under Mountaineering Ireland's Insurance Scheme provides for:
  • Clubs' activities;
  • Training, coaching, instruction;
  • Participation in meets, gatherings, competitions;
  • Attendance by club officials, instructors, leaders, teams and members in external meets and competitions sanctioned by the club and / or Mountaineering Ireland; or
  • Whilst representing the club, in the participation of the sport or activity; or
  • In the necessary administration and running of the club; including
  • Club publications, website and social media channels
  • Path repair and maintenance with hand held tools.
  • Club arranged presentation ceremonies, social events; or
  • Whilst representing the club at such events arranged or organised by third parties.
The activities are noted as mountaineering, hillwalking, climbing, bouldering, scrambling, fell/hill running, path repair and maintenance, alpinism, ski mountaineering, ski touring, coasteering, canyoning, kayaking, mountain biking.
The use of kayaks and mountain bikes is restricted to the incidental use when they are used to enable a member to reach a particular starting point or route.

Types of cover

Public Liability: This is injury or damage to third party property or persons. All club members are covered while participating in any of the above activities on a worldwide basis either on a club activity or on an individual activity. Public Liability also provides cover for;

  • Professional Indemnity, which protects (for example) the role of leaders and coaches in the event of a loss occurring to another.
  • Libel and Slander Protection, which protects the club and its Officers in the event of being sued for unintentional libel/slander, e.g. emails, bulletins, website
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Protection: This covers club officers / members of committees in their capacity as decision makers on club business.
Cover is also provided specifically for:
  • Legal Defence Costs
  • Child Welfare, Protection and Vulnerable Adults Cover

Please note

  • Public liability insurance provides cover on a worldwide basis.
  • The public liability cover protects landowners against claims arising from the negligence of our members; it does not cover the landowner’s negligence or protect the landowner against claims from walkers and climbers who are not members of Mountaineering Ireland.
  • Limited Personal Accident cover provides cover on a worldwide basis.
  • There is no longer an upper age limit on the personal accident cover.
  • New members in your club are insured from the time they pay their subscription. A receipt should be issued to the new member. The Clubs' administrator can then add new members via the online management system.
  • Affiliation fees should be paid online or forwarded to Mountaineering Ireland within 1 month.
  • Non-members are welcome to participate on a maximum of 3 “taster” sessions / walks / climbs. A register of guests must be maintained by the club. If they wish to carry on they must join the club. ***For cover to apply it is essential their name is properly recorded and the documents retained. They must be affiliated to Mountaineering Ireland on their 4th visit.
  • Members should be reminded and recognise that our activities can be dangerous and may result in personal injury or death. Participants should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.
  • All incidents involving injury or damage to a member or a third party must be immediately reported to Mountaineering Ireland and the insurance brokers within 30 days. It is the individual’s/Club’s responsibility to inform Mountaineering Ireland within 30 days.
  • Mountaineering Ireland's Insurance is not Travel Insurance. Please see other recommendations below.

Permanent Injury Personal Accident Cover

Personal Accident cover provides members with a fixed benefit if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a permanent injury while engaged in one of the activities covered by our policy.
Cover provides for:
  1. Death € 10,000 Death Under 18 €2,000
  2. Loss of Limbs (two or more), Loss of Sight in both eyes, Loss of Speech and/or Loss of Hearing in both Ears €75, 000
  3. Loss of Hearing in one ear/loss of sight in one eye/loss of one limb: €18,750
  4. Loss of Limb and loss of sight €56, 250
  5. Permanent Total Disablement*: €75, 000
  6. Medical Expenses sustained in 3 or 4: €5, 000
  7. Emergency Dental: €750

Other Recommendations

Mountaineering Ireland urges all members to take out appropriate travel and activity insurance when travelling abroad to engage in hillwalking / trekking /climbing / mountaineering. We would recommend members take out the following;
  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, formerly E111) - this is free and provides you with necessary healthcare while on a temporary stay in all the countries of the European Economic Area, and in one other country, Switzerland.
  • The European Economic Area includes the 28 member states of the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. To apply online for your EHIC click HERE.
  • Travel and Activity Insurance
    - Mountaineering Ireland members with UK addresses can benefit from access to the British Mountaineering Council's Travel and Activity Insurance Scheme. To apply online click HERE.
    - All Mountaineering Ireland members can join the Austrian Alpine Club giving access to purchase their activity insurance. For more information click HERE NOTE: Travel insurance is not included and would need to be purchased separately.

Reporting Incidents / Accidents

Any incident / accident should be reported as soon as possible but must be submitted within 30 days.
To submit an incident / accident report, please, email


  • Commercial activity and professional guiding.
  • Personal Accident claims arising from sickness/illness (as opposed to accidental injury which is insured), HIV, drugs, etc.
  • Exclusions under the Civil Liability cover include any accident involving a motor vehicle, injury to employees and the usual war and nuclear clauses.

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