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Irish Peaks
Irish Peaks (Collection)
Irish Peaks is Mountaineering Ireland's new guide ot hillwalking on Ireland's highest mountains
Classic Mountain Days Treks & Climbs in Ireland, Europe & America
Gareth Ll. Jones has produced a pictorial mountain memoir that illustrates over 60 years of mountain exploration and adventure. Since he came to Ireland from Wales in 1962, he has seen the hills change from wild landscapes with few trails, to popular, heavily tracked mountains. These treks recognise the geology and glacial activity in the hills. The book was launched on the 20th February in the Dropping Well, Milltown by Frank Nugent the experienced mountaineer, explorer and expedition leader. A former Chairman of Mountaineering Council of Ireland; he was the deputy leader of the 1993 first successful Irish Everest Expedition; followed in Shackleton and Crean’s footsteps across the Island of South Georgia on the 1997 South Arís Expedition; and sailed the Northwest Passage in the 2001 Northabout Expedition. This 300-page pictorial extravaganza will appeal to the large number of people, all around the country, now involved with and taking up hill walking. It illustrates over fifty walks from Wicklow to Kerry, from Clare to Mayo and from Donegal to Down, as well as treks in the UK, Europe and North America. Gareth started hill walking in Wales before he came to Ireland in 1962. He has since been climbing mountains in Ireland and around the world. He was a member of the Irish Mountaineering Club and of the Spillikin Club, and a Founder Member of the Cavern Rock and Fell Club, RCSI. He is a member of Mountaineering Ireland and of MountainViews. This book not only records the changes in the mountains but chronicles inter alia various hill walking groups including the Saturday Walkers and the” Old Farts” hiking groups - that he still treks with. Gareth Jones lives in Dublin with his wife Sheila and is a geologist specialising in microfossils and geothermal energy. He has spent a lifetime exploring landscapes, climbing mountains and surveying caves.
Rock Climbing (Third Edition)
Libby Peter Thoroughly updated to reflect developments in climbing since the second edition, the indoor climbing content has been expanded and several chapters have been rewritten and reordered to support new and developing climbers alike. Its functional design remains, with easy-reference colour-coded pages, striking illustrations that complement the text and inspiring photos that give a genuine flavour of the breadth of climbing possibilities across the UK and Ireland. It is the second of a series of manuals from Mountain Training UK and Ireland that includes the highly successful ‘Hill Walking’ and ‘Winter Skills’. Written by one of the best known rock climbing instructors in the UK this is the definitive and comprehensive ‘how to climb’ textbook (55,000 copies sold), now in its revised and updated third edition. It covers un-roped bouldering and movement skills as well as every aspect of indoor, single and multi-pitch rock climbing, abseiling, problem solving, the climbing environment, the history and development of the sport and much more. This book is a reference tool for every climber, from novice to expert, as well as containing specific ideas for anyone wanting to help coach and instruct others. It is the official handbook for the UK and Ireland qualification system that includes all of Mountain Training’s qualifications as well as their Rock Skills courses. It is endorsed by the BMC, Mountaineering Scotland and Mountaineering Ireland. Libby Peter is a well known and well respected International Mountain Guide and Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor. She has visited many of the major climbing areas across the world, sampling all aspects of climbing from bouldering to high altitude mountaineering and everything in between. She currently combines climbing with freelance guiding and instructing from her base in North Wales alongside providing technical support to Mountain Training UK and Ireland.
The Mountain Leader: A Practical Manual
Being a Mountain Leader is so much more than map reading and ropework. This book is aimed at Mountain Leaders and is designed to help them be a better leader once they have the qualification. There is advice herein for trainees and trainers, for the assessed and the assessor. This book moves away from the technical skills gained during training and assessment and focuses on actually being a Mountain Leader. What it does so well is demonstrate what is required to be a good and effective leader after attaining the qualification.
The Wildflowers of Ireland: a field guide
Discover the fascinating world of Ireland's diverse and astonishing collection of native wildflowers. This new edition reflects the many changes to our botanical knowledge since The Wildflowers of Ireland was first published in 2014. There’s updated information on the distribution of native wildflowers, along with more than 90 additional species, all beautifully photographed by the author. For ease of identification, the species are divided into colour categories and within each category the species are grouped by, for example, the number of petals in the flower or whether the species carries its flowers in a cluster or a spike. In easily understood terminology, focus is put on the main identifying features of each plant, by colour, size, shape of flower, leaf, habitat, flowering season, and where in Ireland it might be found. This is a must for enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.
Dalkey Quarry (2022)
The new Dalkey Quarry Guidebook 2022, is now available, providing an excellent and comprehensive guide to one of the most popular rock climbing locations in Ireland. With over 350 routes and only 20km from Dublin city, this historical granite Quarry offers high quality routes of every level for every climber. This edition of the guide has been fully updated since the 2005 edition: with full colour topos, aerial shots and offering a great variety of photos. The guide also offers a lot of new information for the visitor, such as the historical development of the Quarry, the development of new routes, and the geology and biodiversity within Dalkey Quarry itself. Mountaineering Ireland would like to thank Conor McGovern and Howard Hebblethwaite for all their hard work in compiling and editing the guide, and to David Flanagan for the layout and his patience throughout the project. Thank you to Damien O’Sullivan for coordinating the project, to Kip Carroll for the excellent topos and photos, and to all the photographers whose photos have made this guide so special. For the Geology and Biodiversity section, we would like to thank Paddy Orr and Saoirse Sheehy Ariff for providing us with a new perspective on how we may view the Quarry. A huge thank you to Clare Sheridan, Síle Daly and David Craig for proofreading the guide, to all the volunteers who have helped along the way, and to the sponsors who have contributed to the guide. Finally, Mountaineering Ireland would like to thank Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council for their continued facilitation of climbing in the Quarry. It is thanks to their support that we have such a wonderful and accessible place to climb and socialise.
The Hindustan-Tibet Road by Paddy O'Leary
Mountain exploration in the China-India borderlands When mountaineer Paddy O'Leary found himself detained at an Indian police station, freezing and naked, it occurred to him that perhaps he had outstayed his welcome. But his fascination with this cast nation and its people not only kept him there but drew him back, again and again, to the disputed borderlands of North-West India where three of the world's great nuclear powers have repeatedly clashed, sometimes violently. At the time, this was forbidden territory, its indigenous people cut off, its secrets held close. The intrepid climber was there when entry restrictions to the fascinating tribal area of Kinnaur were lifted. He immersed himself in Kinnauri culture and because the first Westerner to carouse at their bacchanalian festivals on mountain slopes, to explore deep valleys there and in nearby Spiti, to cross raging rivers and climb peaks never before visited by outsiders, even venturing across the borders to Chinese-ruled Xinjiang and Tibet. The Hindustan-Tibet Road is a fascinating trek into the unknown, full of risk and adventure and rich in history and culture. Paddy O'Leary draws on his years of high-altitude exploration and the dept of his love for India to guide us on a spellbinding journey of discovery.
Ballykeefe Quarry - Rock Climbing Guide
The climbs are in a disused limestone quarry 12 miles SW of Kilkenny. It is a pleasant wooded area and the quarry has been cleaned up to create an amenity area. The majority of the routes are 7-10m high, a few in double figures. Grades up to E3. Bolts have been used but this is not a sport climbing cliff.
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Climbs in the Burren and Aran Islands
Here it is the long awaited Climbs in the Burren and Aran Islands. An excellent guide, well illustrated and excellently laid out. Certainly one of the new generation climbing guides.
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Fair Head Rockclimbing Guidebook (2014)
Produced by Ricky Bell and Craig Hiller. Fair Head is the greatest expanse of climbable rock in Ireland or Britain. It is the ultimate climbing venue stretching for 5 km. This books describes over 400 routes that includes new routes since last published in 2002. Detailed colour maps, route explanations and photographs makes this an essential source of information for climbing at Fair Head.
Hill Walking: The Official Handbook of the Mountain
Written by Steve Long Third edition The official handbook of the Mountain Leader and Walking Group Leader schemes. Packed with essential information and techniques, this book is the official handbook for the ML and WGL schemes. The book is a reference tool for every walker
International Mountain Trekking
A practical manual for Trekkers and Leaders Packed with essential information including Expedition planning, Health and altitude related problems, Dealing with hazards, Mountain environments around the world, Navigation and weather. This book is a reference tool for every trekker, from novice to expert, as well as containing specific ideas for anynoe wanting to help teach, lead or instruct others.
Journals 1,2 & 3 of the Irish Mountaineering and E
Joss Lynam, Editor of Volume 1 & 2 Declan O' Keeffe, Editor of Volume 3 Purchase the three volumes for the price of two. The third Journal of the Irish Mountaineering and Exploration Society contents shows the array of topics ranging from avalanch
Mountaineering in Ireland
This FMCI Guide (1976) is a revised version of the 1930's Claud Wall book.
Navigation in the Mountains
This book is the reference tool for all walkers who wish to maintain or improve their navigation techniques as well as containing specific ideas for anyone wanting to help teach and lead others
Rock Climbing In Donegal
The Mountaineering Ireland guidebook, ‘Rock Climbing in Donegal’, is a select guide to the entire County of Donegal. It documents over one thousand outstanding rock climbs from Muckross Head in the south to Malin Head at Ireland's most northerly point on the Inishowen Peninsula. The guidebook comprises of 25 very different rock climbing areas. Each area comprises descriptive text and an area map to ensure the ease of finding the location. Throughout the book over 250 colour photographs have been used to help describe every cliff, crag, sea stack and mountain listed. This ensures that 96% of the routes are shown on full colour photo topos taken from the best angle and position in optimum light to allow first time visitors to find their chosen routes. The author Iain Millar has spent the past nine years exploring Donegal making the first ascents of over 400 rock climbs and 50 previously unclimbed sea stacks. It is with this in-depth knowledge of rural Donegal that he has selected and documented the climbs within this guidebook. What this guidebook will provide the first time visitor and the more seasoned Donegal climber alike is a lifetime, and indeed several lifetimes of outstanding world class rock climbing in some of the most beautiful, remote and unspoilt places in Ireland.
Uncoiling the Ropes
1970s Ireland had a message for Clare Sheridan: ‘Girls don’t climb.’ But in an era when there was no shortage of voices telling women how they should behave, Clare wasn’t listening. Fresh out of convent boarding school, she was determined to venture onto steep rock and see the world from a different perspective. Climbing quickly became her passion, and Clare’s thirst for adventure was matched only by her courage. She was soon recognised as a pioneering leader by the top climbers of the day, not least Belfast mountaineer Calvin Torrans, the love of her life, who she met on her first trip to the Alps. They have been climbing together ever since, tackling difficult routes on high mountains all over the world and achieving a phenomenal succession of first ascents on Irish cliffs, even as they raised a family of three. In this compelling memoir, Clare recreates in vivid detail the fears, the triumphs and the losses of a lifetime of heart-stopping adventures. Highly engaging and disarmingly honest, Uncoiling the Ropes gives a rare insight into the experience of a woman who has beaten her own path through the male-dominated world of mountaineering. With its reflections on risk and courage, motherhood, self-belief and the joy of living fearlessly, this thought-provoking memoir is a powerful read for climbers and non-climbers alike. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Clare Sheridan has been at the forefront of Irish climbing for decades and has long been a role model for women climbers. In 2014 she was the first woman to be awarded the Lynam medal by Mountaineering Ireland, and the Irish Times said, ‘She is to Irish mountaineering what Sonia O’Sullivan is to athletics and Katie Taylor is to boxing.’ Clare has written many articles for the Irish Mountain Log and co-edited numerous rock climbing guidebooks with her husband, climbing legend Calvin Torrans. She and Calvin have three sons. She is a retired primary school teacher and when she’s not away climbing, home is Bray, County Wicklow.
Volume 1 - Irish Mountaineering and Exploration Hi
Edited by Joss Lynam this volume features a selection of essays and articles including Irish Arctic Explorers, Winthrop Young & Mallory on Brandon to The First Irishman to see Zhangi.
Volume 2 - Irish Mountaineering and Exploration Hi
Volume 2, edited by Joss Lynam, features a series of essays and articles includingMountains, Poets & Splashes!, JB Malone, Charles Barrington and the First Ascent of the Eiger.
Volume 3 - Irish Mountaineering and Exploration Hi
Volume 3, edited by Declan O' Keeffe, features essays and articles including The first Irish Woman Alpinist: Elizabeth Le Blond, Butler's Odyssey: William Francis Butler's adventures in Canada, the Man Who Married a Mountain.
Volume 4 Journal of the Irish Mountaineering and E
Volume 4 edited by Declan O Keeffe features a stimulating selection of articles, which will certainly be of interest to Irish mountaineers. They range from Elizabeth Le Blond’s involvement in establishing the Ladies Alpine Club, of which she was President for two terms, to an article on the mysterious Brotherhood of the Lug, Ireland’s oldest climbing club. There are also well researched articles on war-time aircraft crashes in Irish mountains; the Military Road in Wicklow;Irish involvement in the first ascent of the Matterhorn 150 years ago this year; and the early days of climbing in Kerry and Connemara.
Wicklow - Rock Climbing Guide (2009)
A guide to climbing in Wicklow offering comprehensive route listings for all major climbs in the area. Areas covered include: Glendalough, Luggala, Lough Dan, Carrigshouk, Mall Hill (Glenmacnass), Glenmalure, Hollywood, Bray Head, Lover's Leap (Enniske
Winter Skills - 3rd Edition
Essential walking and climbing techniques A Mountain Training UK handbook covering sections on: * Winter navigation and equipment for walking and climbing * Use of the ice axe and crampons for all levels of mountaineering * Snow safety and avalanche evaluation * Winter anchors, belays and climbing strategies * Security on steep ground and rope-work for winter climbing * Coaching winter mountaineering at all levels from novice to advanced
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