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Why Start Climbing?

Climbing is an indoor and outdoor sport, that can be done all year round, and all around the world. Be it out in the hills with friends, or traveling the globe on the competition circuit, climbing has something to offer to everyone.

Is It safe?

With the correct training and equipment, climbing is safe. The very clear and present risk we perceive with climbing means that when people climb they are very conscious of safety.

Can I Climb?

From an early age we were all climbers. Some continued their passion in climbing, and others come back to it later in life. If you think climbing might be the sport for you, please contact your local climbing wall and ask their advice on how to begin. 


When you first try climbing you should not need to buy any specialist equipment. The climbing wall, outdoor instructor or club should be able to provide you with the equipment you need to enjoy yourself and stay safe. As you progress, a whole world of opportunities will open up!

Indoor Climbing Walls

Booking in with an indoor climbing wall for a taster session is an ideal way to see if the sport is for you.

Click Here For A List Of Walls

Outdoor Rock Climbing

If you would like to try climbing outside then there are a range of suitably qualified, experienced and insured instructors that will be able to help you.


Climbing clubs can be a great way of getting into climbing and to gain further experience.

Click Here To Find Your local Club

Rock Skills

Climbing on rock is an addictive, enjoyable activity that has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Our Rock Skills courses are designed to provide structured & progressive training opportunities for people who want to learn more and become independent climbers. There are four different levels so that complete beginners and those with more experience can choose the most appropriate starting point. Find our Rock Skills training here.

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