, a hillwalking resource for Ireland started in 2002 as a website to provide useful information about all of Ireland’s hills and mountains.
The site provides information about the summits, their locations, their name origins etc. Try the site and find over 6000 comments on over 1000 summits with trip reports and information on parking, access, points of interest and photos. Beyond statistics find shared interest expressed in the stories of other hill-walkers and of the summits they have climbed.
While documenting the summits continues, MountainViews now also provides a way for users to share routes they have tried in the hills and modern mapping to visualise summits, roads, towns and walking routes in one place for planning purposes.  
Further development for the sharing of information and hillwalking culture is envisaged into the future.
You are invited to add your stories or routes to the website. Your participation helps all. You will be part of the group of 1000 community members that have made at least one contribution.  
MountainViews also promotes summiteering (visiting each summit on a list) as an important and thriving discipline of hillwalking. While only a fraction of the membership participate in this often lifelong challenge this still amounts to over 1500 members. You can mark off which summits you have climbed and compare your progress.
MountainViews has brought together an extensive online community of like-minded people some creating material for a monthly newsletter going out to 12000 email addresses. In-person activities, are coordinated by a committee and include occasional indoor and outdoor meets and a book published in 2013:  “A Guide to Ireland’s Mountain Summits” through Collins Press.
The last mentioned prints a number of the lists that MountainViews has such as the “Vandeleur-Lynam” list of 600m summits and the “Arderin” list of 500m. There are also shorter lists such as the “County Highpoints”. The book includes over 80 photographs and background to the lists.
In short visit to find an already large and evolving community resource for hillwalkers in Ireland. Find a wide range of information for free, wider than in any other single place. Use its hillwalking resources and inspiration for yourself, a small group or your club.  

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