Skills Workshops

24 September 2023

Skills Workshops in Scrambling, Rock Climbing & Teaching Navigation

Date: 23-24/09/2023 Venue: Kerry

Time: 9.15-16.00

Cost:€55 per workshop

1 Day Workshops in 3 Disciplines!

Skills training Workshops for individuals, club members, trainers, award trainees and providers.

Each workshop provides mentoring opportunities for experienced trainers and meets CPD requirements for providers & the relevant award holders.

All workshops will be dictated by weather conditions but we intend to cover the following topics in the different courses:


Teaching Navigation Skills Workshop: 

Teaching skills

• Simplifying our knowledge to teach beginners  • What makes a good location  • Choosing a suitable point to navigate to  • Being concise and focused when teaching beginners  • Useful exercises to use while teaching

 Skills to learn 

• Self location skills  • Land reading  • Some tools for timing and pacing  • Route choice  • Features


Scrambling Skills Workshop:

-Un-roped movement on steep ground -Roped movement on steep ground -Techniques used in involving others in scrambling activities -Passing on skills & knowledge to peers or others in your club


Climbing Skills Workshop:

- Rope work for climbing  - Belaying and lowering  - Bouldering and movement skills  - Techniques used in involving others in climbing activities  - Passing on skills knowledge to peers or others in your club


Please contact to book your place!

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