Women With Altitude 2022 - Kerry

Date: 20-22nd May 2022
Venue: Cronin's Yard, Kerry.

Women with Altitude is a Mountaineering Ireland initiative to encourage women to take on greater challenges in mountaineering, be they personal challenges, technical or leadership challenges.

This is going to be a weekend of adventure for all women interested in hillwalking and climbing from all over the country. We will be based in the heart of the reeks at Cronin’s Yard in County Kerry. To set the tone for pushing your boundaries we are going camping!  Yes, WWA is back with even more adventure. There will be a marquee at Cronin's Yard where we will congregate and shelter if needed. There will be lots of opportunity to meet new friends and gain lots of knowledge and experience from our qualified female trainers and mountain leaders, including lots of courses to improve your skills and also an opportunity to go hillwalking and climbing independently. This is a not to be missed event, so tell all your female friends if they can’t make it come anyway you will not be on your own!

Grab your tent and start pushing your boundaries.  

Registration fee is subsidised and includes camping space for two nights (bring your own tent),Saturday night dinner, talks, photo competition with some great prizes, a gift and free and subsidised activities throughout the weekend.  Registration is a must, as there are limited spaces for courses and camping.

We are delighted to announce our key speaker Clare Sheridan - climber, author and recipient of the Lynam medal, who paved the way for female climbers in Ireland. She will do a talk on “Women, Mountains and Confidence”.

To find out more information about what’s on offer over the weekend and how to book:

Click HERE for the full Programme


Our Sponsor

Great Outdoors our sponsors for the event will be providing some fantastic prizes for our photo competition so be sure to have your camera ready!

Great Outdoors will also have their pop up shop with them for the weekend at Cronin's Yard and will be on hand if you need any gear or if you just fancy buying some shiny new gear!

What you need to know:

You need to register in order to gain access to the campsite as there are limited spaces. Please bring your own tent.

Enjoy lots of hillwalking and rock climbing activities over the weekend . The activities are running both Saturday and Sunday see add ons when registering. Please make sure to book your Saturday and Sunday activity when registering as spaces are limited.

What gear do I need

For Hillwalking & Scrambling Wear comfortable clothing like you would use for a walk - leggings, tracksuit bottoms, breathable T-Shirt and fleece & an extra warm layer. Be ready for the rain and pack a rain jacket and rain trousers. A hat and gloves might keep you safe from the wind. Wear good sturdy walking shoes or hillwalking boots with woolly or synthetic socks. Have a backpack with water, sandwiches and snacks, coffee, or tea. There is nothing more rewarding than a nice cup of coffee or tea drunk on top of the mountain. Don’t forget to bring face mask and hand sanitiser, and first aid kit with plaster and bandages, personal medicine, inhaler, epipen etc.

In Addition: you can bring a map of Kerry if possible and a compass if you have one. Bring a whistle but, hopefully, you won’t get lost. Maps and compasses might be supplied by the instructor. Have your phone fully charged.

For Rock Climbing Wear comfortable clothing like you would for exercising - leggings, tracksuit bottoms (no jeans!), breathable T-Shirt and fleece. You need to feel comfortable and have a full range of movement. Be ready for the rain and pack a rain jacket and rain trousers. A hat and gloves might keep you safe from the wind. Wear good sturdy walking shoes with good rubber grips. You will be climbing on rock - do not wear hill walking boots as they are too big and too heavy for rock climbing. Don’t forget to pack water, sandwiches and snacks, coffee or tea. Bring your mask, hand sanitiser and first aid kit with some plasters. You might get an occasional scratch while climbing. Don't forget to bring current medication, inhaler, epi pen, etc.

In Addition: you can bring rock climbing shoes and harness if you have them already or very light footwear with rubber soles (plimpsoles pr baseball- type shoes). Have them nice and tight like ballet shoes. They will pack nicely into your backpack. Bring your phone or camera and capture the fun of the rock. Have your phone fully charged.

Celebrate & Share. Share a photo or video on our social media - tag @ womenwithaltitude, @MountaineeringIreland

#Womenwithaltitude, #Mountaineeringireland

Disclaimer: Mountaineering Ireland recognises that climbing, hillwalking and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.


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