Our Work On Access

Mountaineering Ireland works to ensure that access for hillwalking and climbing is protected and improved through shared responsibility, partnership and political support.

Shared Responsibility

Through our communications, events and training schemes we help hillwalkers and climbers see that maintaining the access we currently enjoy depends on all of us acting responsibly.

Protecting existing access is a priority because we have seen that when relations with landowners become strained it is difficult to get access restored.
If you are planning to walk or climb in an area you are not familiar with, contact us if you want to check if we know of any access issues in the area (email helen@mountaineering.ie). Local Mountaineering Ireland clubs should also be able to provide this type of information.


When Mountaineering Ireland receives information on any new access issue that affects hillwalking or climbing we will liaise with our contacts in the area and provide advice and support with the aim of resolving the issue. It is also important that we work proactively to protect and improve access.

Mountaineering Ireland works in partnership with a wide range of national and local organisations to help manage recreation activity and support responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.

Mountaineering Ireland is an active member of Comhairle na Tuaithe, the national advisory body on outdoor recreation, and the National Outdoor Recreation Forum in Northern Ireland. Both these groups have a role in advising on future policy in relation to access.

Political Support

Increased participation in walking and other outdoor activities during Covid-19 exerted greater pressure on our largely unmanaged access situation, but it also increased political awareness of the many benefits that flow from outdoor recreation.
Mountaineering Ireland engages with government, north and south, to build understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with our activities.
Mountaineering Ireland members have a key role to play, by engaging with election candidates and elected representatives, telling them that hillwalking, climbing and the mountains are important to you can assist in gaining the political support we need to:

Improve and secure access for responsible hillwalkers and climbers

Protect Ireland’s mountain environment

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