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Title:  Celebrate Mountain Biodiversity on International Mountain Day
Date:  11/12/2020

Celebrate Mountain Biodiversity on International Mountain Day

Friday 11th December is International Mountain Day, this year’s theme is mountain biodiversity.

Mountains loom large in some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. Their unique topography, compressed climatic zones and isolation have created the conditions for a wide spectrum of life forms. Half of the world’s biodiversity hotspots are concentrated in mountain areas.

Mountains and their biodiversity provide food and medicine as well as well as climate, water, soil and air quality regulation to humankind.

Across the world, mountain ecosystems are under pressure from land-use change and climate change, over-exploitation, invasive species and pollution.

Find out more about International Mountain Day here -

Help promote awareness of the need to restore and protect mountain environments, in Ireland and globally, by sharing this message, or posting a photo of your favourite mountain moment, using the hashtag #MountainsMatter


Photo: Alpine Ibex (Copyright: Stefano Zocca/FAO)


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