News 2020


Title:  Where are the Female Adventurers?
Date:  20/10/2020


Women in hillwalking, climbing and training, skill providers and coaches, members of hillwalking and climbing clubs! It is a call for YOU!

Mountaineering Ireland and Women in Sport is calling for YOUR HELP! Pick up your pen and write an article. Share your experience. We would like to hear your story and to increase the number of articles written by women, and to show their achievements.

We are inviting all women in membership to write about their journey in mountaineering. Over 50 % of MI membership consists of women. We know you are active. Show off your skills and share it with everyone! Let's increase the visibility of women on the Irish mountaineering scene and increase the volume of women's appearance in MI social media and the Mountain Log. 

Tell everyone about your journey in mountaineering. Share with others about the best days on the hills or the most exhilarating climbing experience or maybe about your failures and struggles and fears in mountaineering. You may have already tones of notebooks full of notes, hidden in your cupboard, waiting for the right moment to come. Now is your chance.

If you are interested contact


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