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Title:  Hillwalking and Climbing with COVID-19
Date:  21/09/2020

The Government (RoI) Plan for Living with Covid-19, published last week, emphasises that sport is central to well-being and that physical activity helps to build the resilience needed to cope with the strain that people are under at this time.

Whilst we are fortunate that our activities can be carried out in the outdoors where it has been shown that the risk of transmission is significantly lower, we must remain vigilant and do all that we can to reduce the risk of transmission.

Having reviewed the information contained in the Government (RoI) Plan for Living with Covid-19 Mountaineering Ireland would like to inform hillwalkers and climbers that the information in the current version (dated 19th August) of our guidance document remains relevant.

Mountaineering Ireland would like to reiterate these key points to all hillwalkers and climbers:

  • Local / regional restrictions - Be aware of and observe local / regional restrictions as they apply to you.
  • Group size - For regular club / group activities Mountaineering Ireland recommends a an ideal group size of up to ten and a maximum group size of fifteen.
    The recommendation of the smaller group size is for parking, safety, access, and environmental reasons.
    This group size is applicable up to and including Level 4 in RoI and currently for NI.
  • Social contacts – Aim to keep the number of people you interact with low. Where possible, go hillwalking or climbing with the same small group of people. Keep a record of contacts.
  • Hygiene – Wash your hands before and after activity. Carry hand sanitizer for during activity. Ensure good cough and sneeze etiquette.
  • Social distancing – Maintain 2m distance from other hillwalkers and climbers before, during and after activity. Carry and wear a facemask for times when 2m social distance cannot be maintained.
  • Symptoms – Know the symptoms, stay at home if feeling unwell or if you have had a close contact with a person awaiting a test or has received a positive result for COVID-19.

For further advice please see the summary sheet and the full document.

COVID-19 Advice for Hillwalkers and Climbers - Summary Sheet

COVID-19 Advice for Hillwalkers and Climbers - Full Document



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