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Title:  Covid-19 Advice for Hillwalkers and Climbers
Date:  20/05/2020

Mountaineering Ireland has been preparing for a safe and responsible return to hillwalking and climbing. In doing so we have engaged with a range of stakeholders in six broad categories: Participants - both members and non-members; Landowners and land-managers; Rescue organisations; Other sports organisations; People with medical and scientific expertise; and Government departments and state agencies in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Part of this preparation has been producing specific advice to support hillwalkers and climbers in making a return to activity in a safe and responsible manner in the presence of Covid-19. This advice has been informed by input from members, staff and volunteers in the Hillwalking Committee, Climbing Committee and the Access & Conservation Committee. Underpinning this specific advice is the general public health advice issued on reducing the transmission of Covid-19.

The purpose of the advice is to highlight the additional considerations that hillwalkers and climbers should be aware of, in the presence of Covid-19. This advice builds on established good practice which is commonplace among hillwalkers and climbers; checking weather forecasts, checking access arrangements, selecting routes that are appropriate for fitness, skill and experience, environmental awareness etc.

This advice is aimed at all hillwalkers and climbers;

  • It is focused on the activities permitted in the early stages of the recovery plans; 
  • It will be updated as the situation evolves and;
  • As new information becomes available.


Click here for the Full Document - Covid-19 Advice for Hillwalkers and Climbers  

Summaries of the document which cover the key considerations for Phase 1 in the Republic of Ireland, and Step 1 in Northern Ireland for both hillwalking and climbing can be found here:

Covid-19 Advice for Hillwalkers - Summary - RoI - Phase 1

Covid-19 Advice for Climbers - Summary - RoI - Phase 1

Covid-19 Advice for Hillwalkers - Summary - NI - Step 1

Covid-19 Advice for Climbers - Summary - NI - Step 1


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