News 2016

Title:  Data share with MTUK and Coaching Ireland
Date:  04/02/2016

Training data sharing and integration

In an effort to increase transperancy and further facilitate candidate training between Ireland and the UK , we have been working closely with Mountain Training UK to integrate our two training databases and share key information. We will be updating the MTUK database with details of *basic candidate personal information, award registrations, completed training and assessments. To start the process we will be making a bulk transfer of historic training data from 2014 onwards. Once the integration is complete, all new registrations and training updates will transfer in real time to the UK system. We hope to have completed integration by the end of February and be sharing live and historic data with MTUK by that stage. Once candidate information is transferred to the MTUK site, the default setting is that the candidate name and awards held will be visible on the public website. A candidate can access their profile and opt not to display this information publically should they wish. A background profile, containing training details, will also be created and can be accessed by the candidate should they wish. Background information will not be publically visible unless activated by the candidate.
*candidate data will only be transferred for the awards which are currently shared between Mountaineering Ireland and MTUK (Mountain Leader (Summer) Award, Lowland Leader Award, Hill and Moorland Leader Award, Single Pitch Award, Climbing Wall Award, Climbing Wall Leading Award. The shared awards are subject to change and this list may be updated.

We are also working closely with Coaching Ireland and currently have five awards on their Adventure Sports and Coaching Frameworks (Mountain Leader (Summer) Award, Lowland Leader Award, Single Pitch Award, Multi Pitch Award and Level 1 Climbing Coach Award. We will also be sharing candidate’s personal details (name, address, email, DOB) as well as award registration, training and assessment information with Coaching Ireland both from now on and also historically since the beginning of 2014. This information will not in the public domain.
All data sharing is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 in the Republic of Ireland and the Data Protection Act 1998  in Northern Ireland and the UK.
Please contact Mountaineering Ireland if you have any questions or concerns.

Please click here for a graphic showing the transfer of information between Mountaineering Ireland and the above third parties.


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