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Title:  Enjoy the Outdoors Responsibly this Weekend
Date:  16/03/2016

Enjoy the outdoors responsibly this weekend

The better weather and long bright spring days are inspiring people to get out and enjoy the hills and crags. With the lambing season underway, it’s important to remember the vulnerability of sheep to dog attacks. Sheep and lambs can suffer high levels of stress as a result of a dog being on the hill, even if on a lead. If chased by a dog, sheep may get caught in briars, or get stuck on a cliff. This is an animal welfare issue but also affects the farmer’s livelihood.Dog owners are liable for injury or damage caused by their dog, and a farmer has the right to shoot a dog that they consider is worrying livestock. Mountaineering Ireland reminds all walkers and climbers not to take dogs onto the hills other than where you have the landowner's permission to do so. 


If you’re heading for the hills this weekend, plan your walk in advance choosing a route that suits your map-reading skills, and the fitness of all those in your group. Make sure you are prepared for a change in the weather; it’s always colder, wetter and windier up the hills. Don’t rely solely on electronic devices which have limited battery life, especially smartphones. For further tips, check our Walk Safely leaflet.

Check out Mountaineering Ireland's latest video for some tips on how we can enjoy the mountains with care -

For further information on dogs in the uplands see


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