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Mountain Leader (ML) Award is for those who wish to lead others in the mountains, hills, and moorlands of Ireland and the UK, in summer conditions.
It is designed to promote the safe enjoyment of the mountains and provides instruction in the skills required for those who wish to lead groups.
Mountain Leader training is usually split into two blocks but can also be completed in one week long block. Rock climbing, use of the rope, and leading groups in winter conditions are not covered by the ML.
Mountain Leader Award courses are available throughout the UK & Ireland.
On the island of Ireland there is a dual pathway leading to the Mountain Leadership Award. The standard pathway in Ireland is to first complete the 2 day Mountain Skills Assessment, then Mountain Leader Training, consolidation period followed by a 3 day Mountain Leader Assessment. 
The pathway for candidates in the UK (including Northern Ireland), is to attend Mountain Leader Training, consolidation period, followed by a 5 day Mountain Leader Assessment. 
Both pathways lead to the same award, recognised and accepted across the UK & Ireland.

Download Mountain Leader Overview & Transitional arrangements Here 

Download Mountain Leader Syllabus Here

What is a Quality Mountain Day (QMD)?

Registering for the Mountain Leader Award

To register you must:
  • Be at least 18 years old 
  • Be a current member of one of the three Mountaineering Councils: Mountaineering Ireland, the British Mountaineering Council or Mountaineering Scotland. 
  • Have passed the Mountain Skills Assessment

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