Our Purpose

Mountaineering Ireland exists to represent and support hillwalking and climbing.

Our Vision 

Our vision is that hillwalkers and climbers will become more skilled, self-reliant and informed, that access will be improved, and that our mountain landscapes will be valued and protected. 
We aim to inspire all who engage in hillwalking and climbing throughout the island of Ireland, and encourage adventure and exploration in the mountains of the world.

What We Value


  • We find fun and personal challenges in the hills, mountains, crags and climbing walls at every level
  • We recognise the value of the unknown and the uncertain outcomes of our activities

Personal Responsibility 

  • We take personal responsibility for our actions and we manage the risk involved
  • We foster the development of skills among clubs, groups and individuals


  • We respect our wonderful but fragile environment and we are a positive voice for its protection
  • We are responsible in how we enjoy access


  • We enjoy the relationships that flow from our activities 
  • We appreciate all the health benefits, both physical and mental, of our sport


  • We are committed to advocacy to promote our members’ interests
  • We recognise that relationships and trust are vital in helping us realise our vision

Strategic Pillars

Supporting and developing Hillwalking and Climbing

To promote responsible participation in all aspects of mountaineering

  • To strengthen our support for clubs, hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers
  • To facilitate information sharing between clubs and to build stronger relations with other organisations interested in hillwalking, climbing and mountaineering
  • To promote the mountaineering ethos of adventure, personal responsibility and respect for the environment
  • To embrace and support the indoor climbing community
  • To develop ‘competition climbing’ to a High Performance standard and provide appropriate pathways for our athletes and coaches
  • To encourage young people to participate in all forms of mountaineering, including engagement with youth and educational organisations
  • To contribute to quality mapping of upland areas with specific information for walkers and climbers
  • To promote participation and to provide an inclusive environment to all abilities in our sport

Training and Skills

To promote mountain training and skills development

  • To realise the potential of the new Mountain Training Board of Ireland (MTBI), working in coordination with other training boards and organisations
  • To promote a range of courses, awards and training pathways and to support informal training to meet the needs of hillwalkers and climbers
  • To support our training providers in ensuring training awards and courses offered are of the highest standard
  • To be a reliable source of advice and information in relation to safety and good practice in mountaineering

Improving Access

To strive for improved and assured access for responsible hillwalkers and climbers

  • Lobby for completion of the indemnity arrangement for Mountain Access Areas and assist the wider roll-out of this project
  • Contribute to the effective coordination of the growing outdoor recreation sector
  • Seek recognition of the recreational enjoyment of land as a valid landscape use
  • Work to secure a right of access to publicly-owned lands for responsible recreation

Protecting the Mountain Environment

To be a voice for the protection of mountain landscapes

  • Strive to ensure that mountain landscapes will be valued and protected as environmental, cultural and recreational assets
  • Work with other interested organisations to tackle upland path erosion
  • Engage with the relevant authorities regarding development proposals that may impact adversely on the mountain environment
  • Empower members to be more active in protecting access and the mountain environment

Modernising our Organisation

To undertake a modernisation programme

  • To improve our engagement and interactions with our members, general public, media, funders and external stakeholders
  • Optimise our use of modern communication channels and technology platforms
  • To provide support for club development and good governance
  • To grow our membership by 25% over the duration of this plan, targeting those already active in the sport but not yet members
  • To review our membership options to ensure we have the broadest and most flexible offerings
  • To develop our income streams to secure the financial resources required to deliver this plan
  • To review and improve our organisational structure and governance

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