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Title:  Strategic Plan 2022-25
Date:  02/06/2022

Mountaineering Ireland recently launched its ambitious new Strategic Plan for 2022-25 at its offices on the National Sports Campus, Dublin.

The plan features a vision to make Mountaineering Ireland the ‘go-to’ representative body and the ‘voice’ of hillwalkers, climbers and mountaineers on the island of Ireland.

The organisation states its mission is to champion personal responsibility, challenge, adventure and participation, while also caring for the places and environment in which members enjoy their activities.

The document, which has been signed off by the Board, reveals the 12 core values of Mountaineering Ireland as follows:

Member-focused; teamwork and collaboration; change and innovation; advocacy; inclusion, diversity and equality; sustainability; partnership; personal responsibility and accountability; transparency and openness; adventure; wellbeing; respect.

Speaking at the launch, Mountaineering Ireland CEO Murrough McDonagh, said: “Our new Strategic Plan 2022 to 2025 sets out our vision and mission for an exciting new chapter for Mountaineering Ireland and its members.

“Essentially, our purpose is to represent and support our members to the best of our ability, and through this new plan, we intend to do that and more.”

Imelda Buckley, Chair of the Strategic Planning Working Group for Mountaineering Ireland, said: “This plan sets out the roadmap to promote adventure and enjoyment of our activities, protect the mountain environment, improve access, develop training standards and supports and ultimately encourage more people to participate in our range of sports and activities.”

The Mountaineering Ireland Strategic Plan 2022-25 can be viewed here


* Note: If you have any queries or feedback regarding the Strategic Plan, please register for our Member’s Forum on Tuesday, 7th June, or email

Questions may be raised during the Forum, however members are encouraged to submit their queries in advance (no later than 9am on Tuesday 7th June) so that we can do our best to allocate time for each topic.

You can register for our Member’s Forum here


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