News 2022

Title:  News Update: Outdoor Active, View Ranger and OSi Mapping Access
Date:  18/01/2022

We are conscious that many Mountaineering Ireland members use ViewRanger to access digital mapping. Over the past number of months, Outdoor Active have been finalising their takeover of ViewRanger. Access to the ViewRanger app and website will no longer be available at the end of February 2022.

As it stands, if you made one-off payments to purchase maps within ViewRanger, then Outdoor Active are offering free access to a set of maps via the Outdoor Active app and website instead. The maps will be from the same map data provider or from an alternative map data provider depending on the map region.  For example, if you currently have access to OSNI map tiles in Northern Ireland, you will have access to 1:50,000 OSNI maps across Northern Ireland, also select areas at 1:25,000. At the moment for the Republic of Ireland, Ordnance Survey Ireland maps are not currently available within the Outdoor Active platform.

Mountaineering Ireland on behalf of its members have raised concerns with OSi who have since confirmed that they are currently in negotiations with Outdoor Active to come to an arrangement.  It is our understanding that if OSi maps become available on the platform then you will have access to OSi maps of at least the same area as you did on ViewRanger. As it stands members only have access to the OSM Ireland map in the Republic of Ireland. OSi have informed us that they have prepared a proposal for Outdoor Active’s consideration. As it is a commercial arrangement, they were unable to say any more at this stage other than they will do their utmost to ensure that they continue the relationship, however, it is a commercial decision that Outdoor Active will ultimately have to make.

For now, we would encourage our members and users of ViewRanger to engage with Outdoor Active directly as that will show that this change is of concern to many people.



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