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Title: Access clarification - The Dingle Peninsula – A Walking Guide
Date: 22/06/2015
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Earlier this year, The Collins Press published The Dingle Peninsula – A Walking Guide. Following concerns raised by a local landowner, the description of the start of Route 14, Ballyduff to Anascaul, should now read as follows:

Walk back towards the R560 from the graveyard and turn right. Walk around 500m along the road and cross the bridge over the Glennahoo River. Take care while walking along the R560 as it is a busy road with no verges. After crossing the bridge, continue along the R560 for another 300m. Leave the R560 and turn right into a track at Q546 00 103 50. There is an old farmhouse with dormer windows and a sloped flat roof extension at the track entrance. Continue south-eastward for around 150m along this track to reach a T-junction.

Turn right there and follow a lane southwards to Maghanaboe at the head of the valley. The Glennahoo River twists and turns along the valley floor to the right. The narrow valley, some 3km long, is flanked by a sweep of steep slopes clothed with banks of scree.’

 Guidebook users are reminded that the inclusion of a route description in a printed or online publication, or a track on a map, does not mean there is a right of entry, or that the owner has given permission. Walkers should be aware that most land in Ireland is privately-owned and that there is no legal right of access to the Irish countryside. When we enter onto land that is owned by others, for the purpose of recreation, we do so due to the goodwill and tolerance of landowners. To help maintain this goodwill, walkers should act responsibly.



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