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Title: Mountaineering Ireland Draft Safeguarding Policy feedback
Date: 07/02/2015
System Date: 07/02/2015
Mountaineering Ireland would like to thank all the clubs and individuals that made comment on the draft policy. The feedback will be integrated into the policy and the final version will be proposed to the membership at the Annual General Meeting in Westport, Co. Mayo on Sunday, 08 March 2015.

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Title: Mountaineering Ireland Draft Safeguarding Policy for member feedback
Date 18/12/2015

Mountaineering Ireland aims to promote and foster the sport of mountaineering in all its forms. Mountaineering Ireland recognises the benefits of all people participating in sport. Similar to all adventure sports, mountaineering is a sport with risks. Within this context, Mountaineering Ireland is determined to provide a positive environment for children where risk is managed appropriately. 

Mountaineering Ireland has prepared a draft Safeguarding Policy that following member feedback, will be reviewed and the final policy will be proposed as a motion to the 2015 Annual General Meeting. 

In order to make the policy accessible, we have prepared a draft summary document that you are asked to read first. It outlines the ethos and the areas covered in the full policy.

All Mountaineering Ireland clubs with under 18s within their membership will be required to adopt this policy and put the procedures in place in their club once it has been approved by the membership at Mountaineering Ireland's Annual General Meeting.


Feedback Requested

Mountaineering Ireland requests that all clubs, especially those with under 18 members, and members consider this draft policy and provide feedback on it. 

Your feedback should be emailed to before Friday, 6 February 2015.

Legislative notes to this document 

Relevant legislation from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is listed within the policy document. Please note, the following have been considered when drafting the policy:
  1. National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 – this Act is not yet in force. The Mountaineering Ireland Vetting Policy will be updated in accordance with any legislative requirements.
  2. Children First Bill 2014 – this is a draft Bill at the publishing of this document and any changes required by this legislation will supersede specified sections of this document.
The policy set out in the draft policy document is expected to require little change on the commencement of the pieces of legislation where some stated requirements will become statutory obligations. Mountaineering Ireland will continue to review the policy on a regular basis in line with legislative change and best practice guidance.


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