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This scheme will be launched on 7th January 2019. Climbing on rock is an addictive, enjoyable activity that has many benefits, both physical and psychological. Our new Rock Skills courses are designed to provide structured training opportunities for people who want to learn more and become independent climbers. There are three different levels so that complete beginners and those with more experience can choose the most appropriate starting point. 

Is it for me?

The four courses are designed to enable you to start at the most appropriate level based on your current experience.

One registration with us gives you access to all four Rock Skills courses. Registration is free for under 18s and €22 for adults. This fee contributes towards the administration and quality assurance of the Rock Skills Scheme, gives you access to DLOG (a digital logbook for recording your activities) and material to help you develop as a rock climber. 

Which course should I do?

Rock Skills Introduction

This is a one day course providing an introduction to climbing outside on boulders and friendly crags. The focus will be on maximum climbing time, how to move on rock, finding balance and using feet. Basic ropework and belaying will also be included. Minimum age: 12. Previous experience required: None.

Rock Skills Intermediate

This is a two day course and is all about becoming a confident top rope climber outside. It will cover setting up anchors for top and bottom rope systems as well as the skills required to be a competent second (following a lead climber up a route). Minimum age: 13 Previous experience required: Rock Skills Introduction or some other climbing experience.

Rock Skills Learn to Lead Sport

This is a two day course to introduce people to lead climbing on sport routes. It is suitable for competent outdoor top rope climbers or competent indoor lead climbers. Minimum age: 14 Previous experience required: Rock Skills Intermediate or considerable outdoor experience, plus some indoor leading experience.

Rock Skills Learn to Lead Trad

This is a two day course to introduce top rope climbers to lead climbing on trad routes. Minimum age: 14 Previous experience required: Rock Skills Intermediate or considerable outdoor experience or indoor leading experience.

Attending a course

Course dates are already available on our Training Calendar so you can search for a date that suits you.

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