Reasonable Adjustments Guidance to candidates and providers.

Candidates, please click here for guidance on reasonable adjustments to support people with additional needs. 

Trainers and candidates: for reference within this page it highlights the following;

Leadership qualifications are equally open to all who can demonstrate their competency outlined in the scheme syllabus. Our leadership qualifications require significant personal skill, situational awareness and group management ability. All candidates must be able to meet the criteria of the syllabus independently to gain the qualification.’

Under ‘Training courses’ it states;

‘The pre-requisites are the minimum levels of personal experience in climbing and/or walking required of candidates to enable them to get the most benefit from attending the training course. Gaining this amount of personal experience gives a good insight into the demands on candidates of attending a training course. Candidates must have gained the pre-requisites independently prior to attendance. If it is not possible to participate independently it is likely subsequent assessment will be extremely challenging. It is worth considering the assessment requirements prior to attending training.’

Under ‘Assessment courses’ it states; 

‘If you require an adjustment to be able to demonstrate competence, please contact a course provider or Mountain Training Board Ireland/Mountaineering Ireland for support. You will need to outline the nature of the requirement, how it relates to the syllabus and suggest an appropriate adjustment.’

Therefore if candidates need an adjustment to be made they should come to you the trainer/or Mountain Training Board Ireland/Mountaineering Ireland prior to attendance. Individuals perhaps do not need an adjustment. If that is the case their performance should be taken at ‘face value’ and assessed according to the syllabus competences.

Also key is the following statement in guidance given;

‘While Mountain Training will allow a range of reasonable adjustments to accommodate candidates’ special requirements, it will not authorise any adjustments which would prevent leaders from functioning effectively and independently upon qualifying and will ensure that any adjustments are appropriate to the scope of the scheme. As noted above Mountain Training qualifications are competence-based and candidates will, therefore, be assessed on their ability to meet all of the syllabus criteria in order to attain the qualification.’

In summary, we assess the candidate on the day, as we normally would, against the competences outlined in the syllabus. The outcome will be Pass, Defer, Fail, potentially Withdrew or Did not show. It is possible to give ‘Did not complete’ as an outcome on assessment courses but this implies some of the assessment ‘counts’ thus they can subsequently attend the bit they ‘missed’. This result is not normally given on single day assessment courses due to the necessity to get a full picture of their competence over the short time period available (6 hours). ‘Withdrew’ would be much more appropriate in this case or 6 hours of further assessment as a recommendation to complete the course.

What they do after passing is up to them really. Like all individuals, it will be their responsibility to declare conditions/medical issues that inhibit their ability to undertake a role to employers and insurers. Holding a Mountain Training qualification is a measurement of competence on that day only.

Please call the training officer to discuss your needs in relation to this on 016251112.


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