Sneem Walking Club JFK 50 Mile Challenge

Date: 12/05/2018
Venue: Starts at South Square Sneem

Sneem Walking Club 

50 Mile JFK Walk, 12th May 2018

The Sneem JFK 50 Mile Challenge takes place on 12th May 2018.The Challenge is for competitors to complete 50 miles (80 km) within 20 hours.The walk will start and end in Sneem Village on the Ring of Kerry. It is a loop walk on national, secondary, regional and minor roads with 3 gradual inclines.The challenge starts at 5am sharp on Saturday morning 5th May and continues right through until 1am on Sunday morning. The festival promises to be a fun filled weekend with Street Entertainment, trad sessions in local pubs, and Live Entertainment with Awards Ceremony on the Sunday night to celebrate this challenge being completed.

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This year the walk is fundraising for Childaid