ROCK SOLID - Physical Training Seminar

Date: 16/09/2017
Venue: Awesome Walls Dublin

Building on the success of the Wheres your Head at? Mental Training Seminar, the ROCK SOLID - Physical Training for Climbing Seminar will take place on Saturday 16th of September at Awesome Walls Dublin.

The ROCK SOLID - Physical Training for Climbing Seminar will focus on physical training for climbers. Whether you are just beginning to train for climbing or you have been training for years but are looking for some new direction, this event is an ideal opportunity to make your training more effective through the expert guidance of coaches John Belton, Rob Hunter, Veronica Hunter and Naomi Sturdy.

Rob Hunter: Climbing Specific Training Workshops will take place in the training room at Awesome Walls where there are fingerboards, campusing rungs, rings and Moon board.

John Belton: Complimentary Strength and Conditioning: covering topics like best strengthening and conditioning exercises and movements to train that will compliment your climbing.

Veronica Hunter: Pilates and Core training: Veronica will cover aspects of core strengthening, stabilising and integration into your movements and climbing to ensure against imbalances, and injury.

Naomi Sturdy: Yoga for Climbers: Naomi will take you through a light mobilisation routine and breathing practices that will benefit your climbing and physical well being.

The seminar will provide you with the theory and practice, advice and exercises to implement an effective training programme. The seminar will include a variety of workshops covering strength training, complimentary conditioning and injury prevention. The seminar will use training apparatus such as fingerboard, campus boards, Olympic rings and kettle bells. Yoga and Pilates will also be incorporated in order to provide complimentary training methods.

The ROCK SOLID - Physical Training for Climbing Seminar is organised by Naomi Sturdy of Elements Yoga in association with Mountaineering Ireland.