News 2014

Title: National Inclusion Awards
Date: 07/03/2015
System Date: 11/12/2014

Announcing the National Inclusion Awards!

The National Inclusion Awards are intended for individuals and organisations big and small who promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in sport and physical activity. (Organisations whose main mandate is to cater for people with disabilities are not eligible to apply for these awards). So if you know of any organisations, clubs, schools etc. please encourage them to apply for these awards. The award for Outdoor Provider of the year was won by Tanagh OEC in 2013.

There are 8 award categories including National Governing Bodies of Sport; Sports Clubs, Primary School PE; Secondary Schools; Outdoor Adventure Providers; Leisure/Fitness Centres; Camps and a Research category. Winners receive €500 and certificate of achievement.

The link to the CARA Inclusion Award website is: