News 2014

Title: Rodney Moore - 2014 Derry Coach of the year
Date: 1/9/2014
System Date: 1/9/2014

Rodney Moore has been awarded Coach of the Year at the 2014 Derry People of the Year Awards. Rodney coaching efforts have helped many young Derry climbers to get involved in climbing and to push their personal standards.

Rodney who himself is a very active climber runs the North West Youth Climbing Team with the help of a great group of equally able and enthusiastic climbing coaches. Michael Cooke of the North West Talent Project has been instrumental in supporting Rodney and his team over the past number of years.

The original Derry climbing wall located in the St. Columb’s park was a real hot bed of climbing talent, churning out the likes of Paul Dunlop. The original wall has made way for a much bigger development. In March 2015 Derry climbers will have access to a state of the art climbing wall in a new sports centre on the grounds of St. Columb’s park.

The new climbing wall will allow many more people to access climbing in the Derry and wider North-West region. No doubt there will be many money young climbers pushing their limits at this amazing new facility under Rodney's guidance.