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Title: Easter Youth Climbing
Type: Youth
Date: 25/04/2014
System Date: 25/04/2014
Three groups of young climbers were lucky enough to be able to spend their Easter holiday climbing in France and Spain. Terry O Connor and his group went to the amazing bouldering at Fontainebleau in France; Richard Cussen led a trip to El Chorro in Andalucia, Spain and Paul Swail's group climbed at Siurana and Margalef in Catalunya, Spain. 

Over twenty climbers had to opportunity to put their skills to the test on rock. For some of the climbers it was their first experience of sport climbing on rock. Ages varied amongst the group from a stately old seventeen down to the very youngest climber who celebrated his seventh birthday in Spain!

Reports have been slightly sketchy but from what I have been able to gather the standards of performance across all three groups were once again amazing. In Fontainebleau three climbers succeeded in climbing an 8A boulder problem within an hour of each other. In Siurana numerous climbers broke the 7a barrier. Also in Siurana a route graded 7c was ‘flashed’ (climbed on the first attempt, but with prior knowledge). There have also been reports of an 8a being climbed by one of Richard Cussen’s charges down in El Chorro. 

These young climbers train hard and they are fortunate enough to have access to high quality coaches and climbing facilities to help them maximise their training gains. They regularly compete with each other throughout the winter season; this keeps them motivated and really helps them perform on the rock.

And they get to have some down time in the Spanish sun too!

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