News 2014

Title: Avoid Central Buttress, Dalkey Quarry
System Date: 24/04/2014

A climber has alerted the National Parks & Wildlife Service that peregrine falcons are nesting in Dalkey Quarry for the first time in a number of years.

As disturbance could result in the birds abandoning their nest, climbers are asked to avoid climbing on Central Buttress in Dalkey Quarry until the young birds leave the nest around mid-July. If a peregrine, or any other bird, is reacting to your presence (e.g. by screeching, circling or dive-bombing) back off as soon as possible. If the parent bird leaves the nest during the incubation period the eggs can chill very quickly and the chicks will not hatch.

The peregrine, which is protected under European and national legislation, is the fastest creature on the planet, and can dive at speeds of up to 200mph to strike its prey. As peregrines prey on smaller birds such as duck or pigeon, they have at times been subject to persecution.

Mountaineering Ireland is appealing to climbers in Dalkey to give the peregrines space and help protect these magnificent birds from disturbance or persecution.