News 2014

Title: Wind Inquiry Submission (Northern Ireland)
Date: 15/03/2014
System Date: 15/03/2014
Mountaineering Ireland welcomes the Inquiry into Wind Energy in Northern Ireland; sadly we have reached a point where it is now clearly evident that there is need for greater protection for our undeveloped and semi-natural landscapes, particularly in upland and coastal areas.

The small area of undeveloped upland landscape or wild land is a priceless natural asset, the enjoyment of which for recreation and other sustainable uses, is vital to the physical, mental, recreational, emotional and spiritual well-being of our people as a whole. This natural capital should not be squandered by the imposition of windfarms (which could be sited elsewhere in more appropriate and less damaging locations) in those vulnerable and precious places.

Mountaineering Ireland believes that wind turbines are more appropriate within large industrial sites, than in natural landscapes. In addition to the existence of large structures, noise, shadow etc. are inherent to the industrial environment.

Strong policy is required quickly to achieve better balance between the business goals of a small number of private developers and the long-term public interest. Within this policy Mountaineering Ireland would like to see a greater focus on energy conservation, off-shore and other renewable technologies such as tidal, wave and solar.