News 2014

Title: Climbing Wall Leading Award
Date: 11/02/2014
System Date: 11/02/2014


Climbing Wall leading Award


Mountaineering Ireland are proud to announce the launch of the Climbing Wall Leading Award in the Republic of Ireland. This follows the successful introduction of the Climbing Wall Award in 2013. Mountaineering Ireland now administers and trains providers of four climbing awards.

·         Climbing Wall Award

·         Climbing Wall Leading Award

·         Single Pitch Award

·         Multi-Pitch Award


The climbing wall leading award was designed to train and assess those who wish to teach lead climbing skills on indoor or outdoor artificial climbing walls and structures with fixed protection. The award is concerned with ensuring good practice when developing leading skills. It covers the introduction, coaching and on-going development of the technical and movement skills required to lead routes.

Nowadays it is common to begin rock climbing on artificial climbing walls and there are many regular climbers who rarely or never venture onto natural rock. The accessibility of walls makes such facilities ideal for climbers to develop skills and experience. Artificial walls can permit a high level of performance to be developed and allow climbing to take place throughout the year.

The number of individuals who climb to a high technical standard and wish to learn to lead on artificial walls has risen dramatically over the years. The Climbing Wall Leading Award, Climbing Wall Award and Single Pitch Award are recognized across the UK & Ireland, with the Multi Pitch Award being unique to the Ireland of Ireland. Mountain Leader Training (MLT) and the home nation training boards wish to ensure that high standards of instruction are maintained so that enjoyment and safety are enhanced without compromising the sport or the participation of others.


Introducing climbers to leading is a serious undertaking. It involves the mechanics of safeguarding novice leaders from a fall as well as introducing them to the judgments and decision making related to leading.


The CWLA does not cover;

·         the skills needed to climb and/or supervise others on natural crags and former quarries

·         the teaching or supervision of leading on outdoor crags

Providers of the scheme have now been trained, inducted and approved to run the Climbing Wall Award and will be putting dates up on the Mountaineering Ireland website imminently.

To register for this scheme you must:

·         Be 18

·         Be a member of Mountaineering Ireland or other Mountaineering Council

·         Hold either the Climbing Wall Award or Single Pitch Award

·         Have led a minimum of 50 different routes on at least three different walls. (At least half of those routes led must be at a grade of French 6a or above.)

·         Have belayed a leader on a minimum of 50 climbs.

·         Have logged 20 sessions as a CWA or SPA holder.

·         Large major public walls must be visited.

Once registered, you will be supplied with a Log book and eligible to book onto an 8 hour Training Course. A consolidation period of no less than 3 months, where further requirements are met, will be followed by a 6 hour assessment.

Full details are available on the Mountaineering Ireland website.