News 2014

Title: OSi update and request for GPS data
Date: 10/02/2014
System Date: 10/02/2014

Ordnance Survey Ireland Updates

There have been exciting new developments for map lovers, with Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) recently requesting feedback on the draft version of a new 1:25,000 map of sections of Kerry.  Over Christmas and the month of January a number of members including club and individual members and a number of providers were supplied with maps to test, trial and provide feedback. 

The new 1:25,000 scale map of Kerry's MacGillycuddy Reeks and surrounding countryside is due to be released in late February/early March. It will be printed on a new weather resistant paper, that from the trials, seems to be able to withstand a thorough soaking followed by line drying and refolding.

Here is a brief summary of the key points and the responses from OSi to them.

  1. Crag/cliff symbols. - OSi have decided to leave out crag/cliff symbols as the accuracy is not there yet. Walkers may assume there to be cliffs/crags only where they are marked. The conclusion that all are marked accurately or not at all.
  2. In the process of scaling up the map, the symbol for the cycle track has drifted away from the road, which leaves them shown as being adjacent to the the roads they are on. - Correcting this is an arduous task, but OSi will review the position in relation to potential access issues which could result in users looking for tracks in the wrong place.
  3. The idea of changing the colour of the contour lines to depict the terrain will not be used for this edition, but will be considered for future versions.
  4. OSi are working towards the production of digital maps that can be ordered online, printed, folded and posted. This will give scope to select an area or mountain to create your own map sheet.
  5. The development of further 1:25'000 maps is ongoing, with the Wicklow area next. Thought is going into the sheet areas for Wicklow and a dicussion of potential additional symbols. There will likely be 3 map sheets to cover the Wicklow mountains. The obvious problem being the bigger scale takes more paper to cover versus the desire to keep the map to a user friendly size.
  6. OSi do not plan to put a protective cover on to the map either in the form of a cardboard cover or a plastic sleeve, the logic being that a map case would be used or that the map could be protected with a laminate. This also keeps the cost for the consumer down.
  7. Scale- the scale will be checked for accuracy. There is a useful blown up section for the summit of Carrauntoohil. The zoomed up inset scale will be reviewed with the intention of making it a 1:12500, user friendly scale with matching scale bar.

You Can Assist OSi

Gaining up to date and accurate land information is essential in acquiring accuracy when depicting the topography and, to assist this, OSi requests that GPS data be collected.

The OSi focus is on:

  1. Paths and tracks that are very well marked on the land.
  2. Inaccurately mapped track and trails. Some paths are shown in accurately on the map or may have been redirected since the last map edition.
  3. Positions of identifiable landmarks that are or are not on the map.

OSi request that data be kept and we will keep you posted as to where it should be submitted. It is hoped that in the near future data can may be updated via the OSi or other website.

Should you wish to submit any feedback on OSi or other maps please email Mountaineering Ireland's Training Officer, Jane Carney,