News 2014

Title: Youth Climbing Series
Type: Competitions
Date: 27-01-2014
System Date: 27-01-2014
The first round of the 2014 Youth Climbing Series for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland took place at the Mardyke Arena, Cork and the Gortatole Outdoor Education Centre, Fermanagh on Saturday 25th of January.

Over eighty young climbers aged from about eight to sixteen years of age took part in the competitions. For some this was their first experience of a climbing competition.
The combination of hard work and dedication from the young climbers, the support of their parents and high quality coaching at youth climbing clubs and climbing walls has resulted in a steady increase in the standard of climbing at the competitions. The level of difficulty of the climbs at these competitions would be enough to test many of the very best adult climbers. 

The atmosphere at the Youth Climbing Series competitions is always very positive and supportive. Competitors cheer each other on, more like team mates than rivals. This supportive atmosphere is often commented on by the parents of young climbers who take part in the Youth Climbing Series for the first time. 

The Youth Climbing Series would not be possible to run without the huge voluntary effort that goes into belaying, judging, chaperoning, doing admin and demonstration the climbs for the young climbers on the day of the competition. Thank you to all the volunteers who gave their time and effort.

Thank you also to both the Mardyke Arena and the Gortatole Outdoor Education Center for hosting and supporting the competition. 

Results for the Round 1 of the Northern Ireland region and the Republic of Ireland region are available at:

Round 2 of the Youth Climbing Series for the Northern Ireland region takes place at the Ozone Climbing Wall on Saturday 1st of March. Round 2 for the Republic of Ireland region takes place at the UCD Climbing Wall on Saturday 15th of March.

The All Ireland Final takes place at Awesome Walls, Dublin on the 15th of April. Climbers must have competed in at least one of the regional rounds in order to be eligible to compete in the All Ireland Final.

For more information about the Youth Climbing Series please click on the following link: Youth Climbing Series