News 2013

Title: Scaling the Popularity Stakes - Climbing article in the Irish Times
Date: 4-12-2013
System Date: 4-12-2013
As an avid mountaineer Harry McGee, Irish Times Political correspondent, is no stranger to climbing walls.

A chance meeting with an old friend, John Hussey, at Awesome Walls, Dublin led to a conversation about the increase in the numbers of people climbing over the past few years due largely to the recent development of large commercial indoor climbing facilities.
There and then Harry committed to writing a piece about this recent development within the Irish climbing community, and with the Irish Lead Climbing Championships taking place the following week the article served the dual purpose of reporting on the event and drawing awareness to the wider sport. 

Harry's article Scaling the Popularity Stakes is available on the Irish Times website. The article was published in the Irish Times (03 November 2013).