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Title: Consultation Process - Mountaineering Ireland Strategic Development Plan
System Date: 04/02/2013
Consultation Process - Mountaineering Ireland Strategic Development Plan

4 February 2013

Mountaineering Ireland is now commencing a detailed consultation process in order to develop our next Strategic Development Plan, which will begin to be delivered from 2014.

To begin the process, the Board of Mountaineering Ireland has drafted a Mission Statement, which articulates why Mountaineering Ireland exists, its core purpose and its strategic objectives. This paper should provide ‘food for thought’ and support initial debate on the overall direction of Mountaineering Ireland, its key objectives and focus, and how resources will be generated and allocated for the coming years.

The phases and timeline in the development of the plan are as follows:

Phase 1: Initial Member Submissions

All Mountaineering Ireland members and clubs are invited to consider the draft Mission Statement and respond with comments and suggestions.

Submissions should be emailed to or posted to Strategic Development Plan, Sport HQ, 13 Joyce Way, Park West Business Park, Dublin 12. Phase 1 submissions should be received by 11 March 2013. A summary of the submissions will be published on

The Strategic Development Plan will also be an agenda item at the Spring Gathering Members Forum (09 March at Gartan OEC, Donegal). The Minutes of this discussion will also support the draft plan.

Phase 2: Publish first draft & Advertise Regional Consultations

Following a review of all submissions a preliminary draft of the SDP will be published on This will be highlighted in the Irish Mountain Log and members and clubs will be asked to provide feedback on the draft.

A series of regional consultations will be advertised both on the website and in the Irish Mountain Log. These consultations will take in all provinces and will take place during April - June.

Phase 3: Publish Consultation feedback and Proposed Final Strategic Development Plan

The consultation feedback will be published on . This feedback will be used in the drafting of the final plan.

This will be followed by the publication of the Strategic Development Plan (September), which will be published on the web and presented in the Irish Mountain Log.

Phase 4: Approval by the membership

The Strategic Development Plan will be proposed to the membership at an EGM during the Mountaineering Ireland Autumn Gathering in October.

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