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Title: Winter Conditions - Making Sound Judgements
System Date: 25/01/2013
Winter Conditions - Making Sound Judgements

25 January 2013

Mountains can be inhospitable places and inexperienced walkers and climbers may not appreciate the dangers that can be encountered. While the covering of snow makes for some great views of our mountains, it is worth remembering that winter weather brings a further element of seriousness to the mountain environment. With this in mind walkers and climbers are reminded to take precautions and to choose routes which are appropriate to their level of experience and fitness.

The recent tragic deaths of four hillwalkers in an avalanche in Glencoe have highlighted the need for all those venturing into the winter hills to pay close attention to the previous days weather and the avalanche conditions.

The following series of articles, written by Alun Richardson, Mountaineering Ireland's Training Officer, provide information on how best to manage in varying winter conditions, how to identify certain hazards, improve judgement and how to be best prepared for scenarios that may arise.

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