Volunteers and Safeguarding

Mountaineering Ireland's programs and initiatives are facilitated by an amazing group of experienced, qualified and committed volunteers. 
From belaying a beginner climber at a youth climbing club to mentoring an alpine novice on a rocky ridge, volunteers can help develop the next generation of climbers and mountaineers.
If you would like to become a volunteer or are in a club with youth members please read through the information below.
Mountaineering Ireland follows safe recruitment procedures in the case of all volunteers working with youth. To view our Safeguarding Policy, please click here.

Recruitment of Volunteers

Mountaineering Ireland follows a volunteer recruitment process to ensure that all volunteers provide referees to vouch for their  character and credentials, and undergo a background check.
  1. Complete the Mountaineering Ireland - Volunteer Application Form and return to Mountaineering Ireland at the relevant address below:
  2. Complete a code of conduct form for Adults/Leaders/Volunteers or Parents/Guardians
  3. Complete the Garda Vetting process or for Access NI, please see - Access NI - Guidance Notes.


In the Republic of Ireland background checks are carried out by the National Vetting Bureau of which Mountaineering Ireland is an authorised organisation. 
Mountaineering Ireland administers all Garda Vetting applications on behalf of Mountaineering Ireland volunteers who are resident in the Republic of Ireland.
The Garda Vetting forms and process were updated in April 2016 so please disregard any previous application forms you may have and use the links below instead.
Step 1: Garda Vetting ID Validation - please complete the Garda Vetting ID Validation Form using the accompanying guidelines.
Step 2: Once we have received your validated ID and completed form, we will invite you to complete the online garda vetting process via the National Vetting Bureau. Please ensure that you write your email address clearly on the validation form as this will be used to contact you regarding garda vetting.
Please return the all completed validation form to:

Return Address: (please mark 'Private and Confidential')

Garda Vetting Authorised Liaison Person,
Mountaineering Ireland,
Irish Sport HQ,
National Sports Campus,
Dublin 15.
D15 DY62

Access NI

In Northern Ireland background check are carried out by Access NI.
Mountaineering Ireland is a registered organisation with Access NI.
Mountaineering Ireland administers all Access NI applications on behalf of Mountaineering Ireland volunteers who are resident in Northern Ireland.
Access NI currently operates with an online application. Please read the Access NI - Guidance Notes and follow the links to submit your application.
Re: Access NI, 
Kevin Kilroy,
Youth Development Officer,
Tollymore National Outdoor Centre,
Co. Down, 

Safeguarding for Volunteers

Mountaineering Ireland is committed to increasing participation in our sport and to the concept of life long activities for all. Central to this is the development and application of best practice in safeguarding.
Mountaineering Ireland is committed to ensuring that appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct are adhered to by young participants, officials, coaches, trainers, mentors, parents/guardians and clubs.
As a volunteer with Mountaineering Ireland it is really important that you are aware and knowledgeable of the  Mountaineering Ireland's safeguarding policy.

Mountaineering Ireland Safeguarding Policy

The Mountaineering Ireland Safeguarding Policy complements the joint Irish Sports Council and Sport Northern Ireland Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children's Sport. 
The Mountaineering Ireland Safeguarding Policy should be adopted and implemented by all Mountaineering Ireland clubs that provide opportunities for young people.
To view the Mountaineering Ireland Safeguarding Policy please click on the following link: Mountaineering Ireland Safeguarding Policy (2015)
Alternatively contact the Mountaineering Ireland office to receive a printed copy.

Mountaineering Ireland National Safeguarding Officer

For any matters relating to safeguarding please contact Mountaineering Ireland National Safeguarding Officer - Paul Kellagher.
Paul can be contacted by emailing: safeguarding@mountaineering.ie. Alternatively contact the Mountaineering Ireland office to request to make an appointment to meet.

Training for Volunteers

There are a variety of training options available for volunteers. Mountaineering Ireland would like all volunteers to be up to date with current best practice. Training for volunteers is available in three main areas; safeguarding, leadership awards and coaching awards. 
If you are a prospective volunteer or a current volunteer who would like to receive some training in the areas set out below please contact Mountaineering Ireland to see how we can help. You can also check out the Mountain Training Course Calendar to find a training course. 

Safeguarding Training


Leadership Awards

Below is a brief selection of supervisory awards which may be relevant to Mountaineering Ireland volunteers. For a full listing of supervisory awards please go to the Mountain Training section of the Mountaineering Ireland website: Mountain Training 

Single Pitch Award

The Single Pitch Award is relevant for volunteers who assist young people climbing at single pitch crags. The remit of the Single Pitch Award also includes climbing walls.
For more information on the Single Pitch Award please click here: Single Pitch Award

Climbing Wall Award

The Climbing Wall Award is relevant for volunteers who assist young people at indoor climbing walls and outdoor artificial climbing structures.
For more information on the Climbing Wall Award please click here: Climbing Wall Award

Mountain Leader Award

The Mountain Leader Award is relevant for volunteers who lead young people in the mountains and hills, in summer conditions.
For more information on the Mountain Leader Award please click here: Mountain Leader Award

Coaching Awards

FUNdamentals of Climbing workshops are relevant for volunteers who supervise, instruct and coach young people in any aspect of climbing movement.
There are three FUNdaments of Climbing workshops, with each workshop building on the themes and content of the previous.
For more information on the FUNdamentals of Climbing workshops please click here: FUNdamentals of Climbing
The Level 1 Climbing Coach Award is relevant for volunteers who coach young climbers to improve their climbing performance. 
The Level 1 Climbing Coach Award is applicable to all styles of climbing.
For more information on the Level 1 Climbing Coach Award please click here: Level 1 Climbing Coach Award

Training Grants

Training grants are available to help with the cost of training undertaken by volunteers. Training grants are available for clubs and individuals undertaking certain eligible formal training schemes. 
For more information on training grants please click on the following link: Training Grants