Becoming a Provider

Who can apply to be a BOS approved Course Provider (CP)?

BOS does not approve outdoor centres, colleges or organisations. An individual wishing to become a BOS approved CP must:
  • Be a current member of MI (and must remain a current member throughout the term of their ‘Provider’ agreement
  • Fulfil the BOS criteria for the course they wish to Provide
  • Accept and sign the BOS ‘Provider’ agreement and send the appropriate fee
  • Submit a completed MI garda vetting 
The majority of those who wish to become an approved BOS Provider, are looking to teach Mountain Skills (MS) courses either within their club or on a commercial basis. The steps involved in becoming an MS 1 & 2 are as follows:
  • You must have held an ML, IML, MIA, MIC or BMG for a minimum of 12 months before you can start to provide courses yourself
  • With this time, you must demonstrate continued development as an ML, IML, Winter ML or MIA through personal and/or work activities
  • You must have current experience of leading groups of a variety of abilities and ages in a range of Ireland’s hills and mountains
  • Attend a BOS ‘Train the Trainers’ Course (you can attend this course within the 12 month period of passing your ML assessment)
  • Fulfil the post- Train the Trainers course observing and assisting requirements as outlined below:
Observe: 2 x MS1, 2 x MS2 and 1 x MSA with more than one CP and at different locations. The MSA and at least 1 x MS1 & 2 observations must be completed after completing the ‘Train the Trainers’ course. 
  • Complete a CP application form and send to Mountaineering Ireland with a non-refundable fee of €100 for each course for which approval is required, to a maximum of €200.
  • Complete a Mountaineering Ireland Volunteer Application Form and a Code of Conduct for Providers
  • Complete the Mountaineering Ireland garda vetting process as below:
  • Garda Vetting - Please complete the Garda Vetting ID Validation Form using the accompanying guidelines
  • Once we have received your validated ID and completed form, we will send you an email invite to complete the online garda vetting process via the National Vetting Bureau. Please ensure that you write your email address clearly on the validation form as this will be used to contact you regarding e-vetting.
  • The application will be reviewed at the next BOS Board meeting and if approved you will receive two copies of the CP agreement to sign. Providership lasts for 3 years and renewal fees as above are payable upon renewal. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE JOINED THE GARDA E-VETTING SYSTEM IN SEPTEMBER 2016 AND ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY PAPER GARDA VETTING FORMS FROM NOW ON. 
If you are already an MS Provider and would like to find out more about either becoming a Provider for MS Assessment or indeed a Provider for other BOS courses, please contact the Mountaineering Ireland Training Office at