Climbing Wall Award Training

Climbing Wall training courses are for  climbers  who  are in a position of responsibility when  supervising climbing activities  on indoor  or outdoor climbing walls,  artificial boulders  and towers. It is primarily concerned with ensuring good   practice,   leading   to  the  safe  enjoyment  of  climbing  activities,   and  to  an understanding of the sport. It covers the supervision and management of activities  such as bouldering, the teaching of basic movement skills and roped climbing, excluding the teaching of leading. Climbing Wall training and courses are available in various locations around Ireland.

Download CWA Syllabus here 

Registering for the CWA:

Before registration candidates must:

  • Be at least 17 years old
  • Have at least 6 months climbing experience and have climbed at 3 different walls on at least 15 different occasions; this must include at least 1 major public wall
  • Have led routes on walls
  • Should have an understanding of the wider sport of climbing and ideally have climbed outdoors

Optional Abseiling Module:

An additional abseiling module is available for candidates who have completed their CWA training. The module itself is made up of a 4 hour training course, and additional consolidation period and an assessment. Candidates must have passed their CWA assessment before going for assessment on the abseiling module.

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