Mountaineering Ireland exists to represent and support the walkers and climbers of Ireland and to be a voice for the sustainable use of Ireland’s mountains and all the places (coastline, crags, forests) we use.


For all walkers and climbers to:
  • enjoy secure and responsible access to Ireland’s mountains and the other places we use in Ireland; and
  • have the opportunity to improve their skills, to explore, to be adventurous and to maximise their potential within our sport.


  • Responsibility – To take personal responsibility for our actions. To foster the development of personal skills for clubs, groups and individuals.
  • Respect – To respect the wonderful, but fragile, environment that we enjoy and to be a strong voice its protection. 
  • Partnership – To recognise that relationships and trust are vital within our activities and in helping realise our vision.
  • Recreation and well-being - To recognise and promote the contribution our sport makes to the physical and mental health of participants.

Strategic Objectives

Based on our Mission, Values and Vision, we have identified 7 Strategic Objectives. Namely:
  • To represent the interests of walkers and climbers;
  • To be the voice for Ireland’s mountains, to protect and encourage responsible and sustainable use of the mountain environment; 
  • To improve and secure on-going access to Ireland’s mountains and the other places we use in Ireland;
  • To ensure high standards in mountain training and to support skills development for our members;
  • To support and promote all age groups, especially youth, in all aspects of mountaineering;
  • To provide a talent development pathway to high performance;
  • To promote a spirit of adventure and self-reliance.